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Jan '20

The Case for Dividend Investing in Asia 
This paper seeks to show how Asia has become an important destination for income investors.

Jul '18

The Reality of Tariffs

The Guinness Asian Equities team assess the impact of the recently imposed tariffs

Dec '17

Asian markets retreat – 6th December 2017

Edmund Harriss looks at what is driving the recent market retreat

Sep '17

Some thoughts on equally-weighted portfolios
Matthew Page explores the reasons behind running a concentrated, equally-weighted portfolio.

Jun '17

Is inclusion into MSCI benchmarks a game changer for China A shares?

Edmund Harriss discusses the meaning behind the MSCI’s decision to upgrade Chinese A shares

Mar '17

Blue skies thinking in China

Edmund Harriss explains how a drive to reduce smog in China could also help to tackle one of the country’s main economic challenges: excess industrial capacity and associated debt.

Jul '16

Implications for Asian investing of the UK leaving the EU Edmund Harriss discusses the consequence of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Feb '16

2015 performance & portfolio review
Edmund Harriss discusses how the portfolio has performed in 2015.

Jun '15

How Asia avoided a commodity crisis
Edmund Harriss discusses Asia’s industry and services-led growth and mobilisation of its work force, which have enabled the region – unlike other emerging markets – to avoid the worst of the commodity price slump.

Mar '14

Physics envy
Matthew Page investigates the “science” of economic modelling

Nov '12

To meet or not to meet
Matthew Page discusses the merits of meeting company management

Mar '12

Why dividends matter
Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page investigate the importance of dividends in the pursuit of returns