The Best of Asia Fund is designed to give exposure to the growth opportunities present in the Asia Pacific region.

We have identified structural growth industries which we think are likely to grow over the medium-to-long-term, giving us more confidence companies in these industries can grow their earnings. Within these industries we also apply a set of quantitative filters to identify quality, profitable companies with strong balance sheets. We then look for companies which we think can grow earnings over time, yet are undervalued by the market. This results in an equally weighted portfolio of 32 positions with no benchmark driven constraints.

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Fact sheets
For information on the Fund’s current investments, please see the latest fact sheet: English
Key facts
Launch date 28/12/2017
Investment team
(start date)
Edmund Harriss (28/12/2017) Mark Hammonds (30/06/2020) Sharukh Malik (30/06/2020)
Benchmark MSCI AC Pacific ex-Japan Index
IA sector IA Asia Pacific ex Japan
Structure OEIC (UCITS)
Domicile Ireland
Underlying currency US Dollar
Pricing Daily, forwards
Valuation 2300 Dublin time
Deal cut off time 1500 Dublin time
Year end 31 December
Administrator Link Fund Administrators (Ireland) Ltd
Custodian Brown Brothers Harriman
UK Reporting Fund status Yes
ISA Eligible Yes
Share classes
ClassOCF currentMax. Initial ChargeMin. InvestmentISINSEDOLBloomberg
Guinness Best of Asia Fund C GBP Acc1.99%5%œ0IE00BF2VFX37BF2VFX3GUBACGA ID
Guinness Best of Asia Fund I USD Acc0.99%0%$10,000,000 IE00BMYPN275BMYPN27
Guinness Best of Asia Fund Y EUR Acc0.99%5%? 0IE00BF2VFZ50BF2VFZ5GUBAYEA ID
Guinness Best of Asia Fund Y GBP Acc0.99%5%œ0IE00BF2VFY44BF2VFY4GUBAYGA ID
Guinness Best of Asia Fund Y USD Acc0.99%5%$0IE00BF2VG076BF2VG07GUBAYUA ID
Guinness Best of Asia Fund Z GBP Acc0.74%0%œ0IE00BF2VG183BF2VG18GUBAZGA ID