Guinness AIM EIS Team

Shane Gallwey, CFA

Gestionnaire de fonds

Edward Guinness

Gestionnaire de fonds

Andrew Martin Smith

Andrew Martin Smith

Conseiller principalLead Fund Manager

Hugo Vaux

Hugo Vaux

Analyste (EIS)

AIM EIS Investment Strategy

The Investment Manager will invest in a portfolio of AIM listed companies that it believes will offer capital gain underpinned by sound financial assumptions and robust management teams. Our investment strategy is summarised below:

AIM Companies

The Service is focused on investing in companies that are listed on AIM and which will benefit from EIS tax reliefs. In exceptional circumstances companies listed on ISDX Growth Market or pre-IPO companies may be considered for investment, up to a maximum of 20% of Subscriptions in aggregate.

Investment Period

The Investment Manager intends to hold the Investments for the EIS three year holding period.


The Investment Manager is targeting a portfolio of at least ten investments to provide diversification to Investors.

Sector and Stage

The Investment Manager will review potential investments across a range of EIS qualifying sectors and will look to have a balanced spread of investments. Investee companies are also likely to be at different development stages, with some early stage businesses with high growth potential and some more mature businesses with more predictable cashflows.

Capital Growth

The focus of the Service is on generating capital growth. It is not expected that many Investee Companies will pay dividends during the three year EIS holding period. This will help maximise tax reliefs for Investors as dividends are usually subject to income tax whereas a capital gain realised after the three year EIS holding period will be exempt from capital gains tax.

EIS Relief

Investments will only be made into companies that have received EIS Advance Assurance from HMRC


On exit the Investment Manager intends to offer Investors a number of options to suit their requirements. This will include, but not be limited to, the sale of the Investments to return cash, continued management of the Investments to maintain Inheritance Tax Relief or sale and reinvestment into a follow-on Guinness AIM EIS fund.

EIS Investment Process

Our formalised internal Investment Process helps to ensure that due care is taken in the identification, selection, execution, monitoring and exit of the Fund’s Investments.