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OPEC & Trump


Apr '20

Why Dividends (Still) Matter 
Back in 2012, Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page wrote a paper discussing the benefits of investing in dividend-paying companies, and why these income streams are particularly favourable during periods of market distress. In light of the current market turmoil brought about by COVID-19, and the potential impact on dividend payments currently under discussion, they felt now was a good time to revisit this paper. The data sets have been updated, but the conclusions remain the same.

Apr '20

Physics Envy 
Matthew Page investigates the “science” of economic modelling.

Apr '20

Initial thoughts from April 2020 OPEC+ deal
Will Riley, CA and Jonathan Waghorn – co-managers of the Guinness Global Energy Fund – give their thoughts on OPEC+’ recent confirmation of a deal to cut their production by 9.7m b/day, relative to their ‘baseline’ production level of October 2018.

Oct '18

Not all Emerging Markets are created equal

The Guinness Emerging Markets equities team take a deeper look at Emerging Markets, both in comparison to Developed Markets and as a region with considerable variety.

Jul '18

The Reality of Tariffs

The Guinness Asian Equities team assess the impact of the recently imposed tariffs

Jun '18

OPEC respond rationally to a tightening oil market

The Guinness Global Energy Team analyse the meeting held by OPEC on the 22nd June 2018

May '18

Mind the ‘non-OPEC oil supply’ gap

The Guinness Global Energy Team takes a look at Non-OPEC oil production

Feb '18

The IT sector in 2018 – growth driver, or expensive and overhyped?

Matthew Page and Ian Mortimer take look at the IT sector over 2018

Dec '17

Asian markets retreat – 6th December 2017

Edmund Harriss looks at what is driving the recent market retreat

Sep '17

Some thoughts on equally-weighted portfolios
Matthew Page explores the reasons behind running a concentrated, equally-weighted portfolio.

Jun '17

Is inclusion into MSCI benchmarks a game changer for China A shares?

Edmund Harriss discusses the meaning behind the MSCI’s decision to upgrade Chinese A shares

Apr '17

Energy equities as a good inflation hedge
The Guinness Global Energy team explains the case for energy equities as an inflation hedge

Mar '17

Blue skies thinking in China

Edmund Harriss explains how a drive to reduce smog in China could also help to tackle one of the country’s main economic challenges: excess industrial capacity and associated debt.

Feb '17

It’s about return on capital as much as it is about the oil priceThe Guinness Global Energy Team take a closer look at ROCE

Jan '17

Guinness Oil & Gas Exploration Trust Preliminary MemorandumThe Guinness Oil & Gas Exploration Team give a short introduction to the trust.

Dec '16

OPEC announces first production cut in 8 yearsThe Guinness Global Energy Team assess OPEC’s recent agreement to cut production levels

Nov '16

Implications of the US election result Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page discuss the consequence of the US election results.

Sep '16

Has OPEC just blinked?The Guinness Global Energy Team assess OPEC’s recent agreement to cut production levels

Jul '16

Implications for Asian investing of the UK leaving the EU Edmund Harriss discusses the consequence of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Mar '16

Gas vs Renewables
Edward Guinness and Samira Rudig discuss the effect of low fossil fuel prices on renewable technologies

Feb '16

2015 performance & portfolio review Ian Mortimer & Matthew Page discuss how the portfolio performed in 2015

Feb '16

2015 performance & portfolio review
Edmund Harriss discusses how the portfolio has performed in 2015.

Feb '16

Five year history of the Fund
As the Fund passes its fifth anniversary, managers Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page analyse its performance so far and how their portfolio has evolved.

Dec '15

OPEC maintains market share strategy
The Guinness Global Energy Team assess the impact of OPEC’s decision to maintain their market share strategy at their December 2015 meeting.

Nov '15

Outlook for US oil production
The Guinness Global Energy Team provide a detailed update on how US oil production is being affected by lower oil prices and a few thoughts on how it could look at the end of 2015 and into 2016.

Oct '15

If it’s darkest before dawn, what time is it now?
Jonathan Waghorn puts a brutal summer for energy markets in its historical context, and analyses the future of the supply-demand mix.

Oct '15

VIDEO: Tim Guinness on the battered oil price
Tim Guinness reveals what is happening to the battered oil price, how long it will remain low and whether income investors should sell BP and Shell.

Jun '15

How Asia avoided a commodity crisis
Edmund Harriss discusses Asia’s industry and services-led growth and mobilisation of its work force, which have enabled the region – unlike other emerging markets – to avoid the worst of the commodity price slump.

Jan '15

2015 Outlook for Energy
The Guinness Global Energy team give their thoughts on the prospects for the energy sector amid falling oil prices.

Dec '14

OPEC’s Thanksgiving
The Guinness Global Energy team give their assessment of OPEC’s decision not to cut production, and what it means for oil prices and energy equities.

Oct '14

Innovation matters
Ian Mortimer explains the importance of innovation in the success of companies and explores some examples.

Jun '14

Energy equities: Return of returns
Jonathan Waghorn investigates energy companies’ improving Return on Capital Employed.

May '14

Is Energy at a turning point?
The Guinness Global Energy team unpick the change in sentiment in Energy equities.

Mar '14

Physics envy
Matthew Page investigates the “science” of economic modelling

Mar '14

Prospects for Alternative Energy
Edward Guinness discusses performance and prospects for alternative energy investing

Mar '14

US oil: to export or not to export?
Jonathan Waghorn investigates the pros and cons of lifting the US’s forty year ban on oil exports

Jan '14

Investing in asset managers
Will Riley researches the performance of asset manager equities over the last 20 years, in particular their power to deliver high beta returns and how consistently they outperform.

Jan '14

2014 – Outlook for Energy
The Guinness Global Energy team’s appraisal of 2013 and the prospects for energy investing in 2014

Dec '13

Buffett’s Exxon rationale
Jonathan Waghorn unpicks Warren Buffett’s recent investment in Exxon

Sep '13

Asset managers and their dividends
Investment Analyst Mark Hammonds discusses asset managers’ high free cash flow and healthy dividend prospects

Dec '12

Some thoughts on equities and bonds
Ian Mortimer discusses the benefits of bonds and equities and the hunt for safety in an inflationary environment

Nov '12

To meet or not to meet
Matthew Page discusses the merits of meeting company management

Mar '12

Why dividends matter
Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page investigate the importance of dividends in the pursuit of returns


Mar '19

2019 Energy Roundtable: The Outlook Brightens for Oil Stocks
Jonathan Waghorn joins Barrons’ 2019 Energy Roundtable.

Jul '17

Seven fund alternatives to equities and bonds
Dzmitry Lipski looks at the options available to investors as an alternative to equities and bonds

Mar '16

Prospects for oil
Oil has rallied recently and Jonathan Waghorn and Will Riley, managers of the Guinness Global Energy fund, argue it could recover further from here.

Feb '16

Iranian oil and oil price volatility
Jonathan Waghorn, Guinness Global Energy co-manager, warns that Iran’s entry to the oil market could delay the rebalancing of global oversupply, but rebalancing is coming nonetheless.

Oct '15

When will oil prices rebound?
In a Q&A with Investment Week, Guinness Global Energy co-manager Jonathan Waghorn explains why a supply/demand convergence is on the horizon.

Jan '15

Fund in focus: “An outstanding team”
“A highly experienced management team and prudent portfolio construction continue to make the Guinness Global Energy fund a strong choice for investors seeking exposure to the energy sector.”

Dec '14

Stock picks amid oil price slump
Jonathan Waghorn picks out the stocks he is backing as oil prices fall to their lowest level in five years.

Sep '14

How ‘cheap and struggling’ oil majors can bounce back
Investment Week question manager Will Riley on the rally in energy equities.

Aug '14

Investment Week – What’s behind the turnaround in energy
Jonathan Waghorn says energy equities have underperformed for three years, and now could be an interesting entry point.

Jun '14

Funds to access the value in Energy
Trustnet’s John MacMahon identifies Guinness Global Energy as a top fund for accessing the value in Energy equities.

Jun '14

Video: Is crude oil heading to $150?
Jonathan Waghorn discusses crude oil markets and portfolio holdings on CNBC.

Dec '13

VIDEO: “Oil stocks will outperform the FTSE 100”
Talking with The Daily Telegraph, Tim Guinness says stock prices are lagging the oil spot price – but they will catch up.

Jun '13

VIDEO: Is now the time for Energy?
Tim Guinness talks with Investment Compass and considers why now might be a good time to consider investing in energy stocks.

Apr '13

Energy offers solid inflation hedge
Will Riley in Fund Strategy says the future for energy equities looks exciting as many are cheap and overlooked