Global Money Managers Fund Archive


Jan '14

Investing in asset managers
Will Riley researches the performance of asset manager equities over the last 20 years, in particular their power to deliver high beta returns and how consistently they outperform.

Sep '13

Asset managers and their dividends
Investment Analyst Mark Hammonds discusses asset managers’ high free cash flow and healthy dividend prospects


Apr '19

How to spot the winners and losers in fund management
Benchmark outperformers will be the sector’s most attractive revenue opportunity

Aug '14

Is Guinness Global Money Managers good for you?
Money Observer’s Lindsay Vincent investigates whether buying shares in fund managers is as good a way as any of profiting from the markets in securities.

Apr '14

Should you buy shares in your fund manager?
Fund managers and brokers are often highly profitable. The Telegraph’s Richard Dyson asks if you should buy their shares rather than their funds?

Feb '14

Backing the asset managers

Will Riley explains the risks and rewards of investing in asset managers

Apr '13

Invest in or behind your favourite funds?
What Investment’s Rob St George says this fund “invests solely in the titular Money Managers, with exceptional results.”