The Guinness EIS Team has made over £180 million of investments in EIS-qualifying companies since 2010, and have a breadth of experience in making, managing and exiting these investments

Current Investments

Wrisk creates simplified insurance products in partnership with brands. It allows its partners to offer ‘frictionless’ insurance to customers. Currently focused on motor insurance products, Wrisk has partnerships with brands such as BMW and RAC. The auto insurance products are relatively simple but tailored to the retail partner and its customers. Features include allowing the quick addition of multiple drivers to a policy, switching the policy on or off whenever needed, and usage-based policy pricing.

Tailify is a pioneering digital marketing agency founded in 2013. The business is focussed on using data to improve marketing returns for Brands via the influencer economy (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). They connect brands to influencers to help them run marketing campaigns. Clients include Coca Cola, Disney, Unilever and Uber. Revenues in 2020 were £6 million. To date they have managed over 2,500 campaigns and over 4,000 influencer integrations. The Tailify team are developing a fully automated digital platform to help drive performance.

Bristol-based Neighbourly connects corporate clients including M&S and Heineken with thousands of vetted local charities and good causes across the UK and Ireland through a technology platform that facilitates the donation of volunteer time, redistribution of surplus products and grant funding to make the maximum positive impact in local communities. The platform measures activities in real time and provides evidence of the social and environmental value delivered. Over 10,000 charities and 15,000 good causes have been supported by Neighbourly to date.

LOKE provides a sales and marketing platform to the hospitality and retail industry designed to increase revenue by predicting and influencing customer purchase behaviour. They provide apps and web-based solutions facilitating loyalty, delivery, click and collect, order at table, room service, and pay at counter. LOKE currently services merchants in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, and Singapore. The business model has proven highly scalable in a short period of time, expedited by COVID-19.

Distributed is a used by corporates and the public sector to access teams of freelancer software engineers to deliver specific projects for customers. The business capitalises on the increasing variety of tech and growing specialisation of developers. By using artificial intelligence its platform helps businesses to quickly source the talent they need to grow. This allows its customers to effectively scale up and down the work force as required. The business has been able to secure large contracts in both the public and private sector.

ContentCal is a subscription-based online platform which helps businesses manage their social media marketing more effectively and efficiently. The business offers a content management and publishing workflow tool that allows marketing teams to plan, co-ordinate and efficiently deliver marketing content to target audiences. ContentCal’s platform integrates with 1,500 channels and platforms from all the main social media tools. ContentCal currently has 1,900 paying customers and has started to expand its presence in the USA.

Push Technology is the leader in Enterprise-grade, real-time, data streaming and messaging for mission-critical business applications worldwide. The company's highly regarded Diffusion Real-Time API Management platform enables clients to broadcast time-sensitive data at scale with high efficiency. The platform is embedded onto clients´ infrastructure through ‘cloud’ and ‘on-premise’ offerings to ensure it fits all business and regulatory requirements. Push Technology has a Global footprint of blue chip clients across market sectors. Funds will be used to support the growth and expansion of the team and to provide working capital.

SunTech UK Ltd (trading as “eFOLDi”) is a design, inventions and manufacturing company specialising in innovative and lightweight mobility devices created to transform lives. Winner of The British Invention of the Year Award, the Surrey based business has been built off the back of the industry-changing eFOLDi Folding Travelling Mobility Scooter (the lightest in it’s class) leading to two years of rapid sales growth. There are plans to launch an even lighter model this year. It is eFOLDi’s mission to build an iconic brand for people with reduced mobility symbolising freedom, friendship and fun!

Bidvine is a service marketplace helping customers to source and hire professionals for services relating to health & wellness, home improvement, events & photography, learning, and more. Customers submit a request and receive bids from interested and available professionals from across the UK. Bidvine offers marketing services for these professionals as well as being a market-maker. With over 400 services, Bidvine makes hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple.

Codilink UK Ltd (trading as “Coniq”) is Europe's leading Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider for retail destinations. The Company operates in 17 countries, providing mobile-enabled programmes for 1,600+ retail brands in 5,000+ locations. The programmes are used by over 15 million shoppers, driving consumer spend of more than €1bn per annum. Since inception they have grown to provide loyalty and CRM services to many of Europe's leading developers, landlords, retailers and mall owners. The company has also recently launched programmes in new territories such as the Middle East and new a market with retail franchise as part of a global expansion

Global Pricing Innovations (GPI) is a market leader in business intelligence, analytics and innovative solutions for the life science industry. GPI delivers integrated insights, technology solutions and strategy development that make a measurable difference to price, access & commercial teams within biopharma. Their combination of innovative technology platforms, data, and analytical expertise enable industry to drive sustainable price and access strategies and agile infrastructure. GPI’s cultural values are centred on promoting the ambitions of inspiring and talented individuals so together they can make a difference to the life sciences industry. They value collaboration, innovation, openness and authenticity, and work as ‘one team’ with their clients.

Fifty Technology helps brands reveal unique insights into their target audiences and deliver targeted digital advertising to them. The unique Fifty platform uses AI and big data to help brands understand their audiences and target them better by crunching billions of social data points to deliver a holistic picture of consumer segmentations. These tribes represent the multiple shared interests, passions, behaviours and communities of an audience. Fifty delivers these insights in a unique and beautiful visualisation and panel, which makes complex data easy to understand, but more importantly, easy to use. Funds are to be used for working capital and to build out the team.

Blu Wireless Technology is an IP license business based in Bristol that was founded in 2009. The company designs digital signal processing (DSP) technologies for use in high speed wireless applications. These applications include high quality on-board Wi-Fi in public transport and 5G telecom infrastructures. Guinness EIS made an investment into Blu Wireless in April 2019.

Baby Mori is a manufacturer of premium baby wear sold directly online and also in high end retailers like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Mori is stocked in over 180 locations in the UK, Europe and the US and has sold to consumers in over 50 countries. Their rapid growth in the babywear market stems from a USP of very soft fabrics derived from organic cotton and bamboo. Guinness EIS made an investment into Baby Mori in April 2019.

Doctify is the UK's leading healthcare review platform. It was founded by two NHS surgeons (Stephanie Eltz and Suman Saha) and launched in July 2015. Doctify seeks to champion, support and advance doctor-patient relationships by providing greater transparency and access to healthcare through innovation. It lets patients search and compare reviews, book appointments with doctors online, and provides doctors with a SaaS solution to manage their online reputation. Doctify currently work with over 5,000 consultants, clinics, and hospitals in the UK and aims to become the global healthcare review solution for hospitals and clinics. Funds are to be used for working capital, building out the team, and supporting ongoing improvements to the platform.

Thriva provides customisable Direct-to-Consumer blood testing kits that customers can use in their own homes to fill small sample vials. These are then posted in special envelopes to Thriva’s partner laboratories which are the same ones used by the NHS. The results are processed and reviewed by a UK qualified GP before being sent to the consumer via a secure online dashboard, usually within 48 hours. Personalised reports and evidence-based advice on how to make positive changes are provided. The dashboard enabled customers to build up an accurate picture of their health and track how it changes over time. In comparison to traditional blood testing, which requires a visit to a surgery, a wait of several weeks for results and then a subsequent visit to discuss the results, this approach is much faster and creates more visibility over progress. Funds are to be used for working capital, marketing, and to build out the team.

EDGE10 provide advanced analytical solutions to the world’s top sporting organisations empowering them with actionable insights, leading to efficient, high quality decision making around both individual players and teams as a whole. The enlarged group now works with 500+ teams around the world including almost 60% of all the Major League teams in the USA. Clients include Arsenal (EPL), USA Track & Field, Texas A&M (NCAA), Boston Celtics (NBA), Hawthorn (AFL), Indian Cricket and the Houston Texas (NFL). Funds are to be used for working capital and to expand the team.

Iris Fashion is a multi-brand, multi-channel fashion business. Founded in 2004, Iris has grown to seven stores all stocking the most desirable and affordable brands including their own ‘By Iris’ collection. By Iris has grown seasonally and covers everything from basic, everyday linen t-shirts, cotton wash-bags and jewellery to beautifully cut, sophisticated dresses, jackets and evening wear all with the signature chic and easy to wear style that is at the heart of the by Iris collection. Funds are to be used to invest in online growth, development of the By Iris brand and to support business operations.

Wolf & Badger is a retailer of premium and independent fashion, jewellery, beauty and homeware brands that it sells through its ecommerce site and two physical stores located in London or New York. Brands pay sales commission and recurring membership fees to Wolf & Badger for use of its platform. Guinness EIS investment into the company in February 2019 follows a period of significant growth with the company recording year on year growth in online revenue of 426% in the period 2017 to 2018. Funds are to be used for working capital, and to build out the team and technology.

Imagen is a leading provider of video management technology for sports, media, and enterprise businesses looking to manage their expanding video and content libraries. Imagen’s clients include Formula One, The Premier League, World Tennis Association, World Rugby, BP, Reuters, BBC, and IMG, part of Endeavor. Guinness EIS December 2018 investment into the company follows a period of significant growth in 2018 that saw Imagen post an 88% year on year revenue increase.

Established in 2011, Draper & Dash Healthcare is a provider of operational patient flow, predictive analytics and insights software. Positioned as a fundamental tool for patient flow management, the Draper & Dash platform is an intrinsic part of how hospitals and healthcare providers run their organisations on a daily basis. The Company have successfully deployed the platform into private and public hospitals and healthcare systems and have already delivered over £31m in combined efficiency opportunities for their customer base of over 20 hospitals across the UK, US and Australia.

HeadBox Solutions Limited was launched in 2015 and operates a technology enabled market place and transactional platform for the UK corporate events industry. The Company’s platform links corporate guests directly with Host venues allowing for fast, direct and hassle-free bookings for work related events for any work-related meeting, offsite or event. Since the launch of the HeadBox platform in 2015, the company has developed HeadBox Business which is a software for corporates allowing centralised booking and oversight for its group wide events activity. The Company also now offers a venue booking and CRM software to Host venues to facilitate its client management and bookings.

Alexa Chung is a British fashion brand offering a high-quality range of products for women at an attainable price point. The products range from high sartorial items to accessories and eyewear, based on sustainable innovation. The company launched in 2017, born from Alexa Chung’s own distinctive style. Currently based in Shoreditch, the team is currently 20 people. The company is expanding it online presence and is planning on opening a London store in 2019, with an emphasis on the experience as well as sales. Alexa herself is a renown and influential international model with 3 million Instagram followers and multiple historic collaborations with brands in the past (@alexachung).

Established in 2015, Great British Prawns Ltd (GBPL) is an innovative British-based aquaculture business. The company’s primary purpose is the sustainable production of healthy, nutritious, locally grown and profitable marine protein without damaging the environment. They use the latest land-based Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology, recycling >99% of the water, to produce warm water prawns in the UK. In 2018 their first prawn production and brood stock facility will be constructed in Scotland, before rolling out across the UK and then abroad.

Barts Pub Ltd was set up to own and operate freehold pubs in central London. The Barts Pub management team have identified a possible first site in Notting Hill which is currently a run-down, ‘wet-led’ pub. The property is freehold and is ideal for redevelopment into a bar, restaurant and possibly a members club. Management are experienced in identifying and redeveloping freehold London pubs and recent projects include the acquisition and redevelopment of The Harcourt in Marylebone and The Hatchet in the City of London.

Mylor Limited (“Mylor”) was incorporated to build, own and operate treatment facilities that process waste supplied through long term commercial contracts. Mylor commenced trading in July 2016 with the installation of a roof-mounted solar PV system at a sports club in North West England.

All Faiths Remembrance Parks Limited (“All Faiths”) was set up in 2016 to build and own crematoria. Construction of the first crematorium is well advanced, staff have been recruited and trained and operations are due to commence before the end of H1 2018. Guinness EIS invested £5 million to fund construction and provide working capital for the company.

Ash House Limited (“Ash House”) was set up to develop a state-of-the-art specialist rehabilitation hospital which provides bespoke services for adults with complex mental health issues. Guinness EIS invested £5 million to fund purchase and construction of the hospital, and to provide working capital for the company.

Bright Minds Daycare Limited (“Bright Minds”) was set up to provide premier day-care for infants from 6 weeks to pre school age in Birmingham. The company has acquired and launched its first site in Edgbaston, with a second site under offer, and has identified two further properties with potential to convert into day-care facilities in the same city.

SmileOne Ltd (“SmileOne”) was founded in 2016 by Dr Ramesh Siva, who has 22 years of dentistry experience, with the intention to establish a branded chain of private and NHS dental care centres in the UK. SmileOne plans to build by acquisition as well as through new openings. Management are targeting an initial portfolio of 10 practices distributed throughout the South East and South West of London. Thereafter, the company plans to branch out into the home counties.

Jones Food Company Ltd (“JFC”) was established in 2016 to build a vertical hydroponic farm for production of high value herbs and salad leaves. The crops will be grown in a nutrient rich solution under LED lighting with environmental controls that optimise nutrient value and maximise the intensity of flavour. The company will purchase and fit out a facility in Scunthorpe from which it will offer year-round sustainable high-density and high-yield crops directly to food processors in the UK. JFC will operate the largest hydroponic growing area in the UK at 5,100 m2.

Cera Care Limited (formely Golden Era Club Ltd) was set up in 2015 by Dr Ben Maruthappu and Marek Sacha to develop on online carer matching and management platform. Cera provides delivery of on-demand and long term 24/7 in-home health and social care (both public and private). The platform automates the entire process including carer recruitment, patient-carer matching, and the management/tracking of patient-carer interactions. Cera uses its online and offline technology platform to provide a scalable solution and is currently available in the London area with plans to expand further geographically.

MyHomeGroup Ltd was founded in 2013 to take advantage of the growing trend of online estate agents. MyHomeGroup offers the home seller/renter the full benefits of a traditional high street process for a fixed price that is unrelated to the value of the property or rental. Differentiation is achieved by focusing on quality of service and by offering a premium option which gives access to a network of freelance agents with home visit valuation experience. The company plans to upgrade their technology and increase their marketing efforts to drive greater sales.

Hanzo Archives Ltd (“Hanzo”) was formed in 2005 to provide technology that records the web as well as company intranets and preserves them at archive quality. This service is essential for companies that need to show a court or regulator what the user saw on their internal or public web presence. Other services provided by Hanzo include fraud detection and background checks. Hanzo has many notable governmental and business clients including Facebook.

MWS Technology Ltd (“MWS”) was set up in 2017 as an education technology business. The company developed Aptem as a Software-as-a-Service platform tailored to support the delivery of apprenticeships and traineeships. MWS provides an end-to-end software solution for compliant training delivery including CRM, candidate management, eLearning, virtual classroom, reporting tools, learner progress tracking and compliance measurement. The company offers clients simplicity and paperless compliance, as well as, eliminating the double-keying of data and the need to purchase multiple services.

Popsa is a smartphone app that enables users to create personalised photo albums. Using Popsa’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, the app automatically sorts through photos, finding the best moments, and then designs them into printed photo albums that people can be proud of. This automation speeds the process of photobook generation to just 6 minutes compared to an average 2 hours on other platforms.

Cellar&Co Limited operates in the wholesale market for fine wine. The company buys and sells bonded stock and has a portfolio of leading Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. The company trades directly with market counterparties (other wholesalers, collectors and wine merchants) and on the Liv-Ex wine exchange. The company is managed by Hugo Rose, a Master of Wine with over 30 years of experience in the fine wine market.

Rare Metal Trading & Restoration plc trades and restores classic cars. The company is particularly focused on rare vehicles, frequently with specific racing provenance. The company trades in vehicles with a value typically in excess of £200,000. The Company is managed by Tristan Last who has been active in racing and restoration all his life and his father, Richard Last, who is responsible for managing the restoration process. He had a 30 year career in the sector, managing his own precision engineering company Last Engineering.

CFS Care Limited was set up to establish a children’s social care services business in northwest England. The company is reviewing different properties to acquire in order to set up the hub. CFS Care will provide fostering services, short stay residential care, ‘leaving care’ for those older children preparing to leave the care system and education services. The company will enter into long term contracts with local authorities who will refer clients. The management of CFS have set up similar successful businesses in different regions in the UK.

Gravity Fitness Limited was founded in 2014 by Harvey Jenkinson and Michael Harrison to build, own and operate trampoline parks in the UK. Gravity generates revenue from the sale of hour long slots to its customers to access its trampoline parks. Gravity differentiates itself from its competitors through a focus on locating its parks at high profile leisure destinations with high annual footfall and market leading health and safety policy. The company currently operates four highly cash generative parks with an established trading record. Company revenue of £2.3m in 2015 more than doubled to £5.5m in 2016. The Guinness EIS investment will be used to launch an additional four trampoline parks, including two at leading shopping centres - Bluewater in Kent and Xscape in Milton Keynes.

Lyford Renewables Limited (“Lyford”) was set up to source, build, own and operate rooftop PV projects that supply electricity to local users without any government subsidy. Lyford commenced trading in October 2016 with the installation of a roof-mounted solar PV system at a sports club in North West England.

Novia CHP Limited (“Novia”) was set up to source, build, own and operate gas-fired Combined Heat and Power systems in the UK. Novia commenced trading in July 2016 with the installation of a small roof-mounted solar PV system at a sports club in North West England.

Sapphire Energy Ltd sources, installs, owns and operates renewable generation assets in the UK. The company commenced trading in late 2015 with its first solar installation.

H14 Energy Limited (“H14”) was set up to install, own and operate hydro projects in Scotland. H14 commenced construction of the 500kW Gleann Casaig, 126kW Dunans and 75kW Stringer hydro schemes in 2016. Gleann Casaig was commissioned in 4Q 2016 with the remaining projects to be commissioned in 2Q 2017.

Hydro Energy Trading Limited (“HETL”) was set up in 2014 to install, own and operate hydro schemes in Scotland. Construction of HETL’s 1MW Munerigie hydro scheme located on the Aberchalder Estate near Fort Augustus commenced in 2015 and was commissioned in 1Q 2017.

Green Energy Trading Limited (“GETL”) was set up in 2014 to install, own and operate hydro schemes in Scotland. Construction of GETL’s 2MW Glen Buck hydro scheme located on the Aberchalder Estate near Fort Augustus commenced in 2015 and the scheme was commissioned in 3Q 2016.

Renewable Asset Limited (“RAL”) builds, owns and operates commercial rooftop solar and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. RAL’s solar portfolio is located in Northern Ireland and the completed installations benefit from 4 ROCs. RAL’s 5MW CHP plant is in the construction phase and is located in Southern England.

Bath Quartermaster Limited was set up to build, own and run a warehouse that operates managed storage and storage-by-the-box services in the South West of England. The Company is undertaking a property search targeting completion of warehouse build by H2 2019 and plans to launch the business using a temporary warehouse facility from July 2018.

Worker X Ltd (“Worker X”) was set up in 2017 by three successful property entrepreneurs to launch a digitally enabled shared office concept. Worker X plans to acquire, fit-out and operate a network of co-working spaces that are digitally connected through an app. The company will sell multi-tiered membership to the Worker X Club alongside food, drink and business support services. Management have identified three sites in London’s Shoreditch that they will commence development on this year.

Exited Investments

Pasta Evangelists, based in London, delivers boxes of fresh, artisanal pasta and the finest sauces across the U.K. Customers are invited to prepare five-star pasta dishes in five minutes, bringing the authentic tastes of Italy to homes across the country. Orders are placed at and delivered directly to customers' homes. Each box includes freshly handmade pasta, an authentic Italian sauce, garnishes and simple instructions on how to prepare the dish in minutes.

Electric Avenue has installed solar panels on 142 houses in southern England. The householders are able to use up to 100% of the electricity generated at a discount. Electric Avenue receives the Feed-in Tariff payments for the electricity generated which includes an export tariff for half of the electricity generated.

Larimin Limited (“Larimin”) sources, installs, owns and operates roof-mounted solar projects in England and Northern Ireland. Larimin completed a 1.8MW commercial rooftop installation on the roof of Parker Steel’s distribution site in Shoreham in Oct 2015 (photograph looking out over the installation set out below). Larimin’s portfolio of installations continues to be rolled out and earn a mixture of ROCs and energy purchase payments from customers.

Myroe Energy Limited (“Myroe”) has installed, owns and operates a portfolio of EWT 250kW wind turbines in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has an attractive wind and subsidy regime, with the installed turbines benefitting from 4 ROCs. Selected photographs of Myroe’s turbines in the installation and operational phases are set out below.

Free Green Energy Corporation Limited

Free Green Energy Corporation (“Free Green”) builds, owns and operates roof-mounted solar projects in the UK. Free Green completed a major 3MW installation on the roof of BMW’s car-manufacturing plant at Cowley, near Oxford in 2014. Selected photographs of the installation are presented below. Free Green is currently working with EvoEnergy, a leading UK solar installer based in Nottingham and with installation teams nationwide to build out its portfolio.

Addison Energy Limited

Addison Energy has built one of the largest roof-mounted solar installations in the UK. The installation, consisting of 14,000 solar panels, was completed in January 2016 on the roof of Lyreco’s 55,000sqm UK distribution centre in Telford – the equivalent size to 7.5 Old Trafford football pitches. The Lyreco installation is predicted to cut annual energy costs by more than £50k and CO2 emissions by 1,700 tonnes per year.

Spire Energy Limited

Spire Energy has funded the construction of a portfolio of solar installations on six National Express bus depots and two manufacturing facilities owned by Ecotherm, a subsidiary of Kingspan plc. The landlords pay a commercial rate for electricity produced and commit to use a significant portion of the projects’ output. Spire Energy receives the Feed-in Tariff and any power not used on site is sold to a green power utility for a fixed price.

Redan Power Limited

Redan Power has installed solar panels on 14 purpose built barns located in East Anglia and a further 30 residential sites in Southern England. The landlords are able to use the barns and electricity generated at a discount. Any electricity not consumed on site is sold by Redan Power to a green power utility for a fixed price that is higher than the Government-set export tariff. Redan Power receives the Feed-in Tariff payments for the electricity generated.