How to invest for private investors

Online dealing via fund supermarket

You can invest in our funds through a range of fund dealing websites (fund supermarkets/platforms). Dealing through fund supermarkets is suitable for all types of investments, including ISAs or SIPPs.

Please be aware:

  • Fund supermarkets may charge additional fees for investing
  • Not all fund supermarkets offer all share classes for sale
  • Not all supermarkets offer all funds in the Guinness range
  • Each supermarket’s own minimum investment levels apply
Check each fund supermarket for their latest dealing terms
AJBell YouInvest
Charles Stanley Direct
Funds direct
Hargreaves Lansdown
Interactive investor
James Hay Partnership
Share Centre


Fund Enquiries

For further information on our funds or hard copies of any documents:

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call us on:
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Please note:

Provision of these fund supermarkets is for general information only; they should not be taken as a recommendation to any particular fund platform.

Guinness Asset Management Ltd makes no judgement as to the suitability of any fund platform to the particular needs of individual investors.

Your relationship will be directly with the fund supermarket. All instructions or administrative enquiries regarding your investment should be directed to your fund platform. Guinness Asset Management will not be able to answer questions on the administration of your particular investment, but can provide information on the Funds themselves.