The Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service Investor Agreement has been updated to reflect a change of Custodian, please find it here

The Guinness Sustainable Infrastructure Service helps Investors pass more of their wealth onto their family. The Service has no initial fee for advised clients and will make investments into companies that qualify for Business Relief (BR).

With the Inheritance Tax nil-rate band currently at £325,000, more and more people are having to pay up to 40% of their wealth in Inheritance Tax at death.

The Service invests in unquoted Sustainable Energy businesses that qualify for BR. Guinness Asset Management has built a track record investing into companies specialising in sustainable energy such as solar PV and hydro. These companies have attractive investment characteristics: predictable revenues, low technology risk and low correlation with other asset classes.

We are aiming to deliver annual returns to Investors of in excess of 5 per cent, which can be accessed through regular redemptions or retained within the Service for capital growth. The investments will be in one or more private companies. Private companies usually qualify for BR in the UK, which means that Investors can benefit from 100 per cent relief from inheritance tax (IHT) provided the shares have been held for no less than two years at the time of death.

We make direct investments on behalf of Investors, so our service allows you to retain ownership and control of your capital. The service has no initial fee for advised Investors.

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