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Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund | Oct '18

Not all Emerging Markets are created equal

The Guinness Emerging Markets equities team take a deeper look at Emerging Markets, both in comparison to Developed Markets and as a region with considerable variety.

Asian Equity Income Fund, China & Hong Kong Fund | Jul '18

The Reality of Tariffs

The Guinness Asian Equities team assess the impact of the recently imposed tariffs

Global Energy Fund | Jun '18

OPEC respond rationally to a tightening oil market

The Guinness Global Energy Team analyse the meeting held by OPEC on the 22nd June 2018

Global Energy Fund | May '18

Mind the ‘non-OPEC oil supply’ gap

The Guinness Global Energy Team takes a look at Non-OPEC oil production

Asian Equity Income Fund, European Equity Income Fund, Global Equity Income Fund, Global Innovators Fund | By Matthew Page | Sep '17

Some thoughts on equally-weighted portfolios
Matthew Page explores the reasons behind running a concentrated, equally-weighted portfolio.


Global Innovators Fund | Investment Europe | Dec '19

Exclusive Podcast: Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page of Guinness AM on Global Innovators
Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page, co-managers of the Guinness Global Innovators Fund, discuss their definition of ‘innovators’, where they can be found, the investments providing ongoing value, and the future opportunities they are seeking out.

Asian Equity Income Fund | FE Trustnet | Oct '19

Three high-yielding funds for income-hungry investors
With dividend payouts in the UK experiencing their worst quarter in three years, Interactive Investor highlights three high-yielding income strategies worth considering.

Asian Equity Income Fund | Investors Chronicle | May '19

Diversify your income with Guinness Asian Equity Income
Increasing numbers of Asian companies now pay a dividend and have the resources to support wider growth.

Global Energy Fund | Barrons | Mar '19

2019 Energy Roundtable: The Outlook Brightens for Oil Stocks
Jonathan Waghorn joins Barrons’ 2019 Energy Roundtable.

Global Equity Income Fund | Portfolio Adviser | Feb '19

Gold Award – Guinness Global Equity Income Fund
Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page collect the gold award for the Guinness Global Equity Income Fund at last week’s Portfolio Adviser Awards.


| Oct '14

Press Release – Guinness Funds on more European platforms
Guinness’s Funds have now been made available on a further four major European fund distribution platforms, including UBS Fondcenter, Allfunds, Swisscanto and Credit Suisse Fund Lab.

Global Equity Income Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Global Income Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland)
Guinness Global Equity Income Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Global Income Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.

Global Money Managers Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Banks & Financials Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland) Guinness Global Money Managers Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Banks & Other Financials Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.

Global Equity Income Fund | Dec '13

Global Equity Income Fund reaches $75 million
Up from $26m at the start of 2013, the Fund has passed the $75m mark just as it approaches 3 years old (Dec. 2013).

Global Energy Fund | Nov '13

Best Commodity Fund – Investment Europe Awards 2013-14
Guinness Global Energy Fund is named Best Commodity Fund at the Investment Europe Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2013-14.

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