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Global Equity Income Fund | Apr '21

Guinness Global Equity Income 10 Year Review
The managers of the Guinness Global Equity Income Fund bring you their ten-year history of the Fund. Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page launched the Fund on New Year’s Eve 2010, so this is an opportune moment to take stock of how it has performed, what the Global team have got right and wrong, and how the portfolio has evolved.

Global Equity Income Fund | Jan '21

Fund Profile – Guinness Global Equity Income
The Guinness Global Equity Income Fund has been rated by RSMR since March 2014. In this Fund Profile – designed to give advisers, paraplanners and analysts an ‘under the bonnet’ view of the fund – RSMR provide an in-depth review of one of its leading rated funds.

Sustainable Energy Fund | By By Will Riley, Jonathan Waghorn, and Jamie Rosser | Oct '20

Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund Impact Report 2020

Global Innovators Fund | By Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page | Sep '20

Guinness Global Innovators – Opportunities in Innovation 
In their recently published paper, co-managers of the Guinness Global Innovators Fund Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page examine the nine core innovation themes – along with their respective constituent sub-themes – that they believe present the most exciting long-term investment opportunities.

Global Equity Income Fund | By Global Team | Apr '20

Why Dividends (Still) Matter 
Back in 2012, Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page wrote a paper discussing the benefits of investing in dividend-paying companies, and why these income streams are particularly favourable during periods of market distress. In light of the current market turmoil brought about by COVID-19, and the potential impact on dividend payments currently under discussion, they felt now was a good time to revisit this paper. The data sets have been updated, but the conclusions remain the same.


European Equity Income Fund | FE Trustnet | Apr '21

Guinness’ Edwards: Europe looking attractive for sustainable income
Guinness European Equity Income manager Nick Edwards examines the case for equity income investing in Europe after the coronavirus pandemic.

Global Equity Income Fund | Investment Week | Mar '21

Guinness Global Equity Income managers: Launching fund after Global Financial Crisis has paid off
Lauren Mason looks at why Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page’s launching of the Guinness Global Equity Income Fund a decade ago as a direct response to the Global Financial Crisis unwittingly prepared its portfolio to weather the mass dividend cuts seen in the throes of the COVID-19 crisis.

Asian Equity Income Fund | Interactive Investor | Feb '21

Fund spotlight: Guinness Asian Equity Income review 2021
Interactive Investor analyst Teodor Dilov offers his view on one of ii’s Super 60 trust picks.

Global Equity Income Fund | FundCalibre | Feb '21

Global dividends, sustainability and a happy 10 year anniversary
Matthew Page and Dr Ian Mortimer, co-managers of Guinness Global Equity Income, take FundCalibre through the world of global equity income. Having just celebrated the fund’s 10 year anniversary the managers share the highs and lows of the past decade and the opportunities for the next ten giving their current views on dividends. They wrap up by discussing the potential for bubbles in the market and the increased buzz of sustainability and how that impacts the fund.

Sustainable Energy Fund | Citywire Funds Insider | Jan '21

The 10 best performing funds of 2020
The Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund features amongst the ten best-performing funds of 2020 in James Phillips’ article for Citywire Funds Insider.


| Oct '20

Press Release – Guinness Asset Management launches UK-domiciled version of Global Equity Income Fund
Guinness Asset Management has added a UK-domiciled version of its Global Equity Income Strategy – the TB Guinness Global Equity Income Fund – to its range of equity funds.

| Oct '20

Press Release – Guinness Asset Management is pleased to announce that it has hired Rupert Bonsor to join its sales team
Guinness Asset Management has hired Rupert Bonsor with responsibility for fund sales to family offices globally.

| Oct '14

Press Release – Guinness Funds on more European platforms
Guinness’s Funds have now been made available on a further four major European fund distribution platforms, including UBS Fondcenter, Allfunds, Swisscanto and Credit Suisse Fund Lab.

Global Equity Income Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Global Income Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland)
Guinness Global Equity Income Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Global Income Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.

Global Money Managers Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Banks & Financials Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland) Guinness Global Money Managers Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Banks & Other Financials Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.


Global Equity Income Fund | Apr '21

Global Equity Income – Covering Q1 2021

Global Innovators Fund | Apr '21

Global Innovators – Covering Q1 2021

Global Energy Fund | Apr '21

Global Energy – Covering Q1 2021

Sustainable Energy Fund | Apr '21

Sustainable Energy – Covering Q1 2021

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