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Global Equity Income Fund | By Global Team | Apr '20

Why Dividends (Still) Matter 
Back in 2012, Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page wrote a paper discussing the benefits of investing in dividend-paying companies, and why these income streams are particularly favourable during periods of market distress. In light of the current market turmoil brought about by COVID-19, and the potential impact on dividend payments currently under discussion, they felt now was a good time to revisit this paper. The data sets have been updated, but the conclusions remain the same.

Global Equity Income Fund | By Matthew Page | Apr '20

Physics Envy 
Matthew Page investigates the “science” of economic modelling.

Global Energy Fund | Apr '20

Initial thoughts from April 2020 OPEC+ deal
Will Riley, CA and Jonathan Waghorn – co-managers of the Guinness Global Energy Fund – give their thoughts on OPEC+’ recent confirmation of a deal to cut their production by 9.7m b/day, relative to their ‘baseline’ production level of October 2018.

Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund | Oct '18

Not all Emerging Markets are created equal

The Guinness Emerging Markets equities team take a deeper look at Emerging Markets, both in comparison to Developed Markets and as a region with considerable variety.

Asian Equity Income Fund, China & Hong Kong Fund | Jul '18

The Reality of Tariffs

The Guinness Asian Equities team assess the impact of the recently imposed tariffs


Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund | FundCalibre | Jun '20

Finding income in emerging markets
Edmund Harris – co-manager of the Guinness Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund – features in the latest episode of FundCalibre’s podcast, ‘Investing on the go’, with Sam Slator. In it, Edmund discusses: the income opportunities within EM, why EM dividends are facing fewer regulatory constraints, and the possibility that Europe could be the dark horse of 2020.

Global Equity Income Fund | The Daily Telegraph | May '20

£1bn investors: ‘We haven’t suffered a single dividend cut so far in the Covid crash’
Guinness Global Equity Income fund managers Ian Mortimer and Matt Page talk income investing during a pandemic.

Global Equity Income Fund | Money Observer | May '20

How one income fund has managed to dodge all the dividend cuts
Tom Bailey writes on the Guinness Global Equity Income Fund: the fund that has not seen a single dividend suspension or cut among its holdings so far.

Sustainable Energy Fund | Investment Week | Apr '20

Covid-19 is ‘bump in the road’ for sustainable energy sector
Jonathan Waghorn – co-manager of the Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund – details why he believes Covid-19 should prove to be just a bump in the road for the sustainable energy sector, as well as why a number of companies associated with the sector currently present very good investment opportunities.

Global Equity Income Fund | The Mail on Sunday | Apr '20

Why Guinness can be good for your portfolio
Jeff Prestridge takes a look at Guinness Global Equity Income – a fund which, despite the raft of recent dividend cuts made by companies both in the UK and overseas, holds 35 companies that have not cut their dividend.


| Oct '14

Press Release – Guinness Funds on more European platforms
Guinness’s Funds have now been made available on a further four major European fund distribution platforms, including UBS Fondcenter, Allfunds, Swisscanto and Credit Suisse Fund Lab.

Global Equity Income Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Global Income Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland)
Guinness Global Equity Income Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Global Income Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.

Global Money Managers Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Banks & Financials Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland) Guinness Global Money Managers Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Banks & Other Financials Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.

Global Equity Income Fund | Dec '13

Global Equity Income Fund reaches $75 million
Up from $26m at the start of 2013, the Fund has passed the $75m mark just as it approaches 3 years old (Dec. 2013).

Global Energy Fund | Nov '13

Best Commodity Fund – Investment Europe Awards 2013-14
Guinness Global Energy Fund is named Best Commodity Fund at the Investment Europe Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2013-14.


Global Equity Income Fund | May '20

Global Equity Income – Dividend Update

Global Innovators Fund | Apr '20

Global Innovators – Covering Q1 2020

Sustainable Energy Fund | Jun '20

Portfolio Adviser – Guinness Sustainable Energy

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