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Global Equity Income Fund | By Global Team | Apr '20

Why Dividends (Still) Matter 
Back in 2012, Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page wrote a paper discussing the benefits of investing in dividend-paying companies, and why these income streams are particularly favourable during periods of market distress. In light of the current market turmoil brought about by COVID-19, and the potential impact on dividend payments currently under discussion, they felt now was a good time to revisit this paper. The data sets have been updated, but the conclusions remain the same.

Global Equity Income Fund | By Matthew Page | Apr '20

Physics Envy 
Matthew Page investigates the “science” of economic modelling.

Global Energy Fund | Apr '20

Initial thoughts from April 2020 OPEC+ deal
Will Riley, CA and Jonathan Waghorn – co-managers of the Guinness Global Energy Fund – give their thoughts on OPEC+’ recent confirmation of a deal to cut their production by 9.7m b/day, relative to their ‘baseline’ production level of October 2018.

Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund | Oct '18

Not all Emerging Markets are created equal

The Guinness Emerging Markets equities team take a deeper look at Emerging Markets, both in comparison to Developed Markets and as a region with considerable variety.

Asian Equity Income Fund, China & Hong Kong Fund | Jul '18

The Reality of Tariffs

The Guinness Asian Equities team assess the impact of the recently imposed tariffs


Global Equity Income Fund | The Daily Telegraph | May '20

£1bn investors: ‘We haven’t suffered a single dividend cut so far in the Covid crash’
Guinness Global Equity Income fund managers Ian Mortimer and Matt Page talk income investing during a pandemic.

Global Equity Income Fund | Money Observer | May '20

How one income fund has managed to dodge all the dividend cuts
Tom Bailey writes on the Guinness Global Equity Income Fund: the fund that has not seen a single dividend suspension or cut among its holdings so far.

Sustainable Energy Fund | Investment Week | Apr '20

Covid-19 is ‘bump in the road’ for sustainable energy sector
Jonathan Waghorn – co-manager of the Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund – details why he believes Covid-19 should prove to be just a bump in the road for the sustainable energy sector, as well as why a number of companies associated with the sector currently present very good investment opportunities.

Global Equity Income Fund | The Mail on Sunday | Apr '20

Why Guinness can be good for your portfolio
Jeff Prestridge takes a look at Guinness Global Equity Income – a fund which, despite the raft of recent dividend cuts made by companies both in the UK and overseas, holds 35 companies that have not cut their dividend.

Global Equity Income Fund | Investment Week | Apr '20

‘Physics envy’: How to draw the right lessons from the coronavirus
Amidst the steep falls in equity valuations catalysed by the novel coronavirus, Matthew Page – co-manager of the Guinness Global Equity Income Fund – writes for Investment Week on drawing lessons from physics when constructing a portfolio of stocks.


| Oct '14

Press Release – Guinness Funds on more European platforms
Guinness’s Funds have now been made available on a further four major European fund distribution platforms, including UBS Fondcenter, Allfunds, Swisscanto and Credit Suisse Fund Lab.

Global Equity Income Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Global Income Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland)
Guinness Global Equity Income Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Global Income Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.

Global Money Managers Fund | Feb '14

Best Equity Banks & Financials Fund – Lipper Fund Awards (Switzerland) Guinness Global Money Managers Fund is named Best Fund over 3 Years in the Equity Banks & Other Financials Sector at the Lipper Fund Awards in Switzerland.

Global Equity Income Fund | Dec '13

Global Equity Income Fund reaches $75 million
Up from $26m at the start of 2013, the Fund has passed the $75m mark just as it approaches 3 years old (Dec. 2013).

Global Energy Fund | Nov '13

Best Commodity Fund – Investment Europe Awards 2013-14
Guinness Global Energy Fund is named Best Commodity Fund at the Investment Europe Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2013-14.


Global Equity Income Fund | May '20

Global Equity Income – Dividend Update

Global Innovators Fund | Apr '20

Global Innovators – Covering Q1 2020

Sustainable Energy Fund | Apr '20

Sustainable Energy – Covering Q1 2020

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