Guinness Asian Equity Income Fund

Webcast: Edmund Harriss on how the Fund is managed

Fund summary

Early investor offer: early investor “Z” share class, with an AMC of 0.25% (max OCF: 0.74%), open to all investments until the Fund reaches £30 million in size.

We believe in in-house research, intelligent screening for prioritisation of research and well-designed investment processes. We manage concentrated, high conviction portfolios, with low turnover and no benchmark constraints. Since our establishment we have developed a variety of specialisms in global growth and dividend funds, global sector funds and Asian regional and country funds. The Guinness equity funds sit within an Irish-listed OEIC. They are managed alongside a range of similar SEC-registered funds offered to US investors by our US sister company, Guinness Atkinson Asset Management Inc. We also offer an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS service) investing in UK-based renewable energy projects and AIM-listed companies.
Lipper Fund Award - Switzerland, 2015 Guinness Global Money Managers Fund BEST FUND OVER 3 YEARS Equity Sector Banks & Other Financials
LIPPER_Fund Awards UK Guinness Global Energy Fund BEST FUND OVER 3 YEARS Equity Sector Natural Resources
Investment Europe awards Guinness Global Energy Fund BEST COMMODITY FUND
LIPPER_FA_AWARD_HOR_SWITZERLAND Guinness Global Equity Income Fund BEST FUND OVER 3 YEARS Equity Sector Global Income

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